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How the nation fell in love with Gavin and Stacey

Image caption The Barry and Essex gangs – back together for another Christmas

It’s been nearly 10 years since we last said adieu to Gavin and Stacey (and Nessa and Smithy, of course).

But fans have never given up hope of another reunion and they’ve now been rewarded with the news that a second Christmas special is in the works.

Show creators James Corden and Ruth Jones – who also play on-off couple Nessa and Smithy – are uniting again to pen the one-off episode.

The original cast will all return, including Rob Brydon and Larry Lamb.

So how did the original show capture our hearts (and our funny bones?)

Gavin and Stacey aired over three series, plus a Christmas special, from 2007 to 2010 on the BBC.

It told the story of Gavin (Horne), from Essex, and Stacey (Page), from Barr...

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NI’s ‘oldest married couple’ going strong

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Media captionThe pair of 100-year-olds are still in love after 76 years

Nellie Graham is celebrating her 100th birthday and she is in good company.

Her husband, Joe, marked the same milestone last August.

The County Antrim pair, who still live independently at their Randalstown bungalow, are thought to be Northern Ireland’s oldest married couple.

Married on 23 September 1942 in the middle of World War Two, this year marks their 77th wedding anniversary.

They met at school and have been inseparable ever since.

Image caption Mr and Mrs Graham share a kiss

Mrs Graham celebra...

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Hackers could target the 2020 election. How will newsrooms respond if they release stolen data?

New York (CNN Business)It’s the last week of the 2020 presidential campaign. Donald Trump, running for his second term, is in a close race with his Democratic challenger. Then, shortly before Election Day, hacked material fromthe Democratic candidate’s campaignis uploaded online.

It’s a hypothetical scenario — but not one that is out of the question, given what happened in 2016 to Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.
To be clear, it’s not illegal for journalists to download and report on stolen documents — given that they were not involved in the original hack or theft — but since 2016, there has been some introspection about the ethics of publishing hacked documents online — particularly when the motive of the hackers is unknown or brazenly aimed at stirring chaos ahead ...
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Donald Trump just dunked on Nancy Pelosi’s CODEL and yes that is actually the headline

(CNN)Less than 24 hours after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told President Donald Trump that he should reconsider delivering his State of the Union on January 29, the famed counter-puncher struck back. Bigly.

And then, this dagger: “Obviously, if you would like to make your journey by flying commercial, that would certainly be your prerogative.”
Oh, it is ON.
    (That line is very likely an intentional echo of Pelosi’s Wednesday letter to Trump, in which she said of the President’s State of the Union address: “He can make it from the Oval Office if he wants.”)
    Knowing what we know about T...
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