How to write a recipe

How to prepare a recipe

How to write a recipe is not as easy as others may think. Of course in order for you to attain perfection you need to have enough practice until you can say that you can write a recipe like a pro. So, as always you can see that a recipe has 2 major parts, the Ingredients and the Procedure or method part. So for these two, we have to follow and consider some guidelines.

How to prepare for a recipe

Before the ingredients, you need to have a title first of your recipe as well as an image of the food you are trying to cook. There will be different styles as what other publications and writers’ follow but there will always be a general way of it.

The Ingredients

  • List all the ingredients in the order of use. In this way, it will be easier for the reader to follow it.

  • You have to list the most important ingredient first.

  • You have to completely spell out everything most especially the measurements like ounces, tablespoon etc. to avoid confusion.

  • For example you are making 2 or more elements in a recipe, do not forget to write the heading example “ Crust” and “Filling” to avoid confusion and below it should be the right ingredients

  • If there will be several ingredients that is going to be used at the same time, (in the case of baking, more often the dry ingredients are mixed together or sifted at once), normally list them in descending order according to the volume.

  • You should not use 2 numerals together. This will give confusion to the reader. You have to separate the other number using a parenthesis, for example 2 (5 ounces) cream cheese. This normally comes in sizes of the packages.

  • If the ingredient starts with a letter instead of a number, you should capitalized the first letter, example will be, “ Fresh basil leaves”

  • If the procedure of the ingredient is super easy, you can include this one in the list like 2 eggs beaten.

  • If the ingredient will be used more than once in the recipe for example, 1 pack of all-purpose cream, divided. Then on the procedure, you will just divide it according to the measurement needed.

  • Do not forget to use generic names for the ingredients. Avoid using the brand names.


Read the Ingredients

The Method

  • It is very helpful to indicate the size of the bowls and cookware.

  • Do not need to write in sentences. You can write in phrases. Make it short and simple. Do not complicate it.

  • For instructions using stove pot, you must indicate the level of heat, for example “ Simmer over low heat”

  • Indicate the exact/approximate cooking time with descriptive clues for doneness like cook until golden brown or bake for 15-18 mins.

  • Separate different step into paragraphs. Do not mix it as it will cause confusion.

  • Finish with serving instructions. What plate to use and if there will be any garnishes after include that.

  • And the last but not the least is the storage if applicable.

How to read a recipe

Last Note

You need of course to test your recipe if it will work before sharing it to others. In this way, you will know if this will work and if you need to adjust, add and deduct some ingredients on your recipe.