How to bake a cake

How to bake a simple cake

Just like sewing a button or cooking rice or making a simple juice is a life skill isn’t? This also goes in baking a simple cake. Many people out there assume that baking is really hard, when in fact it is not so. All you have to do is follow what is in the recipe, as in follow so strictly most especially the measurements. Cooking and baking are two different things. Do not mix it up. In cooking you can follow and adjust what’s in the recipe but in baking you have to be exact and follow carefully with strictness.

How to bake a simple cake

You do not have to add or subtract any ingredient to it as it will change its outcome not unless you are experimenting then go, no one will stop you from that. Remember that precision here is important. Before you begin you have to prepare all the ingredients according to the right measurement and you should know what to do.

So, let me teach you a simple way of baking a cake.

You have to gather all the ingredients.

  • Make sure you have all the ingredients in place so you will just have to get it if you need it. Place it in front of you with the right measurement.

Preheat your oven.

  • If you already have the ingredients ready, then its time now to preheat the oven. It should be fully preheated. Make sure that the temperature is accurate.

Choose the right pan to use.

  • You can opt to use the Bundt pan as it is always the case. Shiny metals are good in baking as well. To prevent from sticking, put a bit of butter in the pan but you can also use cooking spray if you wish.

Choose the right pan to use

Mix you Batter.

  • In sifting the dry ingredients, you need to have a sifter but in the case that you do not have, then what you can do is put in a bowl and try to mix it with a whisk. You normally have to cream the sugar and the butter you just have to make sure that it is evenly mix. Then add your additional ingredients as instructed.

Bake it!

  • Once you are done, you can now put the mixture in the pan and spread evenly and make sure the oven is preheated as in the desired temperature.

Take it out of the oven.

  • You can check if the cake is done. Time will vary on the thickness of the mixture as well as the size of the pan. So you have to consider this.

Cool and Frost.

  • Once cool, you can now frost and decorate your cake.

Cool and Frost

Dang! You have a cake!