Use These Words In Your Next Dating App Message To Actually Get A Reply

There’s nothing more intimidating than a blinking cursor on yourscreen except maybe theempty dating app message that followsit. What should yousay? How much is much? Who the hell’s going to check yourspelling? For a process that is suppose to ease the trials and tribulations of dating,the whole thing is a lot of work.

Now, you can take comfort in the fact that there is anonline dating study that shows what exactly you need to say in order to get a reply.Deep breaths, folks, we’re going to get through this one blank message at a time.

Initiating a conversation is never without its woes, and Plenty of Fish totally gets it. Should you hint that you’re approaching your 30s and need to get the ball rolling? How soon is it to ask if he’s a dog person?Before you spill your guts, the online dating sitesays to start with a compliment, a surefire way to get someone’s attention.

Rather than begin with a list of things that won’t work his inability to watch reruns of , the whole I need to get engaged now so my timeline won’t be offtrack mentality start with something positive.

Buzzwords like pretty, handsome, and nice are good ways to pique someone’s interest. Plenty of Fish found that these words, among others, are more likely to get a reply.

The site’s communication manager Shannon Smith spoke to Brit & Co. and said, We scoured through 60 thousand messages to identify the top words used by men and women that actually lead to conversations; we love that subtle compliments make all the difference!

And, to make things all the more simpler, you can check out the list of top 10 words used by both men and women that were deemed conversation-making.

These were the words women used to get things cooking.

  1. Nice
  2. Love
  3. Handsome
  4. Great
  5. Smile
  6. Beautiful
  7. Cute
  8. Interested
  9. Chat
  10. Meet

Here are the words men used that saw positive results.

  1. Beautiful
  2. Love
  3. Nice
  4. Gorgeous
  5. Pretty
  6. Sexy
  7. Today
  8. Great
  9. Smile
  10. Interested

So if you’re looking for a little summer romance, start using these words in your online dating messages and see where they take you.

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Fathers Raising Children In The Worlds Largest Refugee Camp

Earlier this year, UNICEF and photographer Jiro Ose visited Bidi Bidi and Kyaka II, two refugee camps in Uganda. While there, Ose photographed fathers and their young children who are striving to make a home no matter how difficult their current circumstance.

Ose's series of photographs is part of #EarlyMomentsMatter, UNICEF's campaign seeking to illustrate the long term effects of early childhood experiences and environments.


Congolese refugee Everest Andama, 27, cradles his five-year-old daughter Agnes Draru, as he sits with his one-year-old daughter Sarah Muguchi and his wife Margrat Achema, 24, in the Kyaka II refugee settlement in western Uganda. Born to Congolese refugees, Everest has spent his whole life in the settlement. There are only two health centres, 9 kilometres apart, and six early childhood development centres but with 26 villages in the settlement housing 24,000 refugees, 20 per cent of whom are between ages of 0 to 4, access to quality health and early education services can be limited, a situation Everest and his family are all too familiar with.


Congolese refugee Everest Andama, 27, cradles his five-year-old daughter Agnes Draru, outside their shelter in the Kyaka II refugee settlement in western Uganda. His wife Margrat Achema, 24, stands behind with their one-year-old daughter Sarah Muguchi. When my wife went into labour with Agnes, I took her to the health centre. When [Agnes] was born she was unconscious. They took the baby and my wife to the ward. After they discharged us, she wasnt like other children. Her neck was not stable. We were referred to a hospital three hours away, said Everest. Agnes suffered irreversible brain damage from being starved of oxygen at birth. In the same health centre where she was born, 100 babies are delivered every month, 16 of the deliveries are emergency cases and with the nearest theatre three hours drive away, the mothers and babies are at risk of dying on route.


Congolese refugee Everest Andama, 27, holds his five-year-old daughter Agnes Draru and gentle pulls on her cheek to calm her inside their shelter in the Kyaka II refugee settlement in western Uganda. Agnes cant talk, walk, or feed by herself. Everest carries her in his arms or lays her on the floor as he sits by her side. He feeds her with his hands, but even thats a struggle as she cant swallow well. All my children are a gift from God. I am willing and I will do it takes. I touch her face to comfort her. She likes to listen to the radio whilst shes laying down, said Everest. His advice to other parents in his situation is to be patient, they did not request this to happen to them. You must stay and work together for the sake of the child. Support each other in the home. I spend all my time with my child, I cant go to work because I have to take care of my child.


South Sudanese refugee and father-of-three Idro Erikole, 28, (back right) his wife Delima Susan, 27, (left) his daughters Anit Gale, 13, (centre back) Gloria Confidence, 3, (front right) and Gift Daniella, 2 months sit together in their shelter in the Bidi Bidi refugee settlement, northern Uganda. South Sudanese father-of-three Idro Erikole, 28, and his wife Delima Susan, 27, were forced to flee to the settlement after violence erupted in Juba, South Sudan. The couple met when they were just 13 years old, having both spent their childhood living as refugees after their parents fled the Sudan conflict before they were born. They returned to their home country of South Sudan when the war prior to independence ended, but nearly six years later then were forced to return to Uganda. There was no food, we couldnt survive. We tried to remain in these conditions but inflation came and they worsened. We couldnt afford anything, which created another war against us. In July 2016, heavier war broke out. We couldnt tolerate it. Before we could leave we spent two days indoors without cooking or eating, said Idro.


South Sudanese refugee and father-of-three Idro Erikole, 28, and his daughter Gloria Confidence, 3, sit together stroking their chicken in their shelter in the Bidi Bidi refugee settlement, northern Uganda. Despite only being open for less than a year, Ugandas Bidi Bidi refugee settlement is now the largest refugee camp in the world. Men are few and far between as women and children make up around 86 per cent of the camps residents. Idro promised his own father that he would get an education but the war forced him to leave a month before he was due to graduate from university in Juba. His wife, a former nurse, was forced to run without her papers, destroying everything theyd worked towards. We came to the reception centre in Uganda for our own safety. I couldnt get a plot of land because they were reserved for families of four and there were just four of us as my wife was pregnant with Gift Daniella. We spent a month in the reception centre, and then we were brought here to the bush. My wife harvested grass, I made bricks and we made our home. Im making a bed at the moment for my children,


South Sudanese refugee and father-of-three Idro Erikole, 28, and his daughter Gloria Confidence, 3, play together in their shelter in the Bidi Bidi refugee settlement, northern Uganda. My daughter asks me when are we going home, I hold her to my side, said Idro. If I cant fulfil for my family, I am not happy. Idro is a Village Health Team worker. He offers guidance to families on how to prevent malnutrition, an issue affecting the lives and growth of many children fleeing South Sudan. He learnt more about what children need in the earliest years of life through his role, but his foundation of knowledge was already laid during his own childhood. My mother was very lovely to me. She cared for my hunger. When I was sick, she cared for me. I learnt lessons from her. I love my mother more than anything. I see my wife growing into my mother, and I love her more than anything tooand my three girls.


Idro Erikole, 28, and his daughter Gloria Confidence, 3, play together in their shelter in the Bidi Bidi refugee settlement, northern Uganda. Idro and his family dont know when they will return home but he is determined to make the settlement as homely as possible for his children. He is building a second house so that there is more space for everyone.


Single-father-of-four and Congolese refugee (centre front) Twana Hashim, 26, his twelve-year-old daughter Jalia Hashim (centre back), eight-year-old son Hussein Hashim (right), six-year-old son Jaida Hashim (left) and three-year-old daughter Malik Hashim sit outside their shelter in the Kyaka II refugee settlement, western Uganda, Monday 27 March 2017. Twana fled from the Democratic Republic of Congo in March 2016 to Uganda after his wife was raped in front of him and his children. I came to Uganda with my children. My wife was raped and taken by the rebels. I dont know where she is now. They tortured me and beat me. My children were there, they cried and shouted, says Twana. I have so many challenges for my children. I cant walk anymore, but I wake up and I get them ready for school, I prepare them lunch. I wash their clothes. This takes me to early evening. I remain with them in the home, and I give them advice. At 7pm they go to sleep, says Twana. Even if today we are in bad conditions, even if you dont have everything you want. Tomorrow is another day. I want them to be respectful. They tell me what they did at school and I feel good. Malik likes jumping. She stays with me until the others get home from school. They like to chase each other.


Matthew Mwingi Mukhtar, 22, (right) plays football with his son Tambwoa Collins, 4, (left) as his daughter Joyce Nam Kendo, 3, (centre) watches them outside their shelter in Bidi Bidi refugee settlement in Yumbe district, northern Uganda, Tuesday 21 March 2017. Surrounded by violence and a shortage of food, Matthew and his wife knew that their environment was no place for young children to grow up in. We left [South Sudan] because of the hunger, and the killings. They kill innocent civilians. You cannot move. The economic crisis caused food prices to go up. You find people killed in the road. We heard gunshots and I was worried I would lose my family, says Matthew.


Matthew Mwingi Mukhtar, 22, (second left), his wife Senya Rose, 19, (second right) their son four-month-old son Emmanuel Bgue, (right), son Tambwoa Collins, 4, (left) and daughter Joyce Nam Kendo, 3, sit together in their shelter in Bidi Bidi refugee settlement in Yumbe district, northern Uganda. I keep my stress to myself, even my wife, I dont want them to worry. I dont want to make them unhappy. I want my children to know that their father loves them. Being a good father is being faithful to one another; you must be exemplary, so they can achieve; bringing them new things, playing with them, when you play with them they know you love them, said Matthew.


South Sudanese refugee Michael Abel, 30, plays a game using pebbles with his children Rasheed Isbon, 4 (right), and Fizer Gloria, 2, (centre) outside their shelter in Bidi Bidi refugee settlement in Yumbe district, northern Uganda. Michael arrived at the settlement with his wife Mary Michael and their two children in August 2016 after fleeing violence in South Sudan. The couple also care for their nephew Boniface Hussain, who was abandoned after his father was killed and his mother remarried.


Michael Abel, 30, hugshis daughter Fizer Gloria, 2, outside their shelter in Bidi Bidi refugee settlement in Yumbe district, northern Uganda. This isnt the first time the family have been uprooted. Originally from Bor, South Sudan, they were forced to flee to the capital Juba, when intense fighting broke out in the worlds youngest state. The violence spread and once again the family was forced to flee, making their way across the border into Uganda. They will slaughter you. They even kill the small persons. They rape grandmothers and then slaughter them too. My brother was killed. They burn peoples houses. By the power of God we are still here, says Michael.


Michael Abel, 30, (back left) plays a game of cards with his children Rasheed Isbon, 4 (centre), and Fizer Gloria, 2, (left) alongside his wife Mary Michael, 24, (back right) and their nephew Boniface Hussain, 4, outside their shelter in Bidi Bidi refugee settlement in Yumbe district, northern Uganda. Im not dead, so I will always continue to play. Playing helps children, says Michael, who is committed to giving his children what they need to develop I grew up as an orphan. I didnt get the chance to grow.


South Sudanese refugee and father-of-five Anyano Simon Chira, 29, plays a game with the materials he has available to him with his children Onzima, 9, Emmanuel Prichi, 5, Anyama Godwin, 4, and Anzo Fortunate, 3, in the Pagirinya refugee settlement, eastern Adjumani district, northern Uganda. In March 2017, Anyano Simon Chira and his wife Susan Kiden Simon and their children live in the Pagirinya refugee settlement in the eastern Adjumani District in northern Uganda. The refugee settlement, which opened in June 2016, is home to thousands of families. Anyano and his family, who were given a 25ft by 25ft plot of land once they were registered and transitioned, were forced to flee South Sudan due to the ongoing conflict and shortage of food due to insecurity and a dramatic increase in prices for food items. Originally from Nimule, South Sudan – near the border with Uganda – the family do not know when they will be able to return home.


Anyano Simon Chira, 29, interacts with his six-month-old daughter in their shelter at the Pagirinya refugee settlement, eastern Adjumani district, northern Uganda. Families often face emotional stress as a result of the horrors they have witnessed, leaving them at risk of being unable to provide a positive environment for their children to grow up in. In emergencies across the world, UNICEFs Early Childhood Development centres provide a safe space for young children to play and give parents access to psychosocial support to make sure they are able to give babies and young children the love, good nutrition, protection and stimulation through playing that they need for healthy development creating a lasting impact on their present and future health, happiness, and ability to learn.


Congolese refugees (from right) five-year-old David Isabel, six-year-old Esteli Kayesu, two-year-old Mugenyl Alinaitwe, father Benjamin Kisembo, 38, three-year-old Priscilla Katinisa, and eight-year-old Joshua Byamukarma sit in their shelter in the Kyaka II refugee settlement, western Uganda. Father-of-six Benjamin Kisembo lives in the Kyaka II refugee settlement in western Uganda with five of their children. The Kyaka II settlement opened in 1983 to accommodate an influx of Rwandan refugees and is one of the oldest settlements in the country. Everest has lived his whole life in the settlement.At 81 square kilometers, the settlement is vast and sparse. There are two health centres, 9 kilometres apart, and six early childhood development nursery schools, but with 26 villages in the settlement housing 24,000 refugees, 20 per cent of whom are between ages of 0 to 4, access to quality health and early education services can be limited. Benjamin, who arrived at the settlement in 2003 after being forced to flee the Democratic Republic of Congo, is a dedicated father who understands the impact that a strong parent-child bond has on his childrens development. I am always here for to bond with them. From conception to now, I am always here. In my tribe, this is normal, I have to take full responsibility. I think that by me treating my children with care, it helps them grow. It will stay with them, and one day when they get a family, they will do the same, says Benjamin.

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The Z Grills Elite 900 is an all-in one cookout workhorse thats easy to use

Its just about time for BBQ season regardless of where you happen to be in North America, which means grilling time, too. The Z Grills Elite 900 is a new smoker/BBQ/general purpose cooker option that combines a lot of versatility into a relatively compact package, without requiring the kind of special attention and handholding that you often get with real wood smoker options.

Z Grills is a U.S. company based out of Burlingame, California, headed by founder Jasper Yu. The young company has a team of engineers working on its design, which incorporates the easy, single dial cooking style of most gas and propane BBQs, with real wood smoke and flavor from a pellet feeder and electric heating element design.

This lets it achieve both consistent and reliable convection-based heat, as well as generate smoke from a range of different wood pellet types of fuel, which means you can get a lot of different flavors depending on what youre cooking. These come out relatively subtle, in my testing, which is great, because often what happens with other styles of cookers like this is that the smoke flavor becomes really overwhelming, no matter how easy you try to go.

Z Grill is also surprisingly easy to set up and get started with, another failing of some competing devices. I actually assembled my test unit without even looking at any instructions for how to put it together (partly because i wanted to see how easy it was to do this, and partly just because thats often how I roll, even with advanced Ikea stuff), and it took under an hour and very few tools. After that, getting started actually cooking stuff was as easy as putting pellets in the hopper, plugging it in and setting the dial. Once youre ready to go, its no more difficult than using a propane or natural gas grill, which is to say, its dead simple.

A temperature range of 180 to 450 degrees means you can go low and slow or high and quick depending on your goals, and theres a top rack for more grill real estate within. The cooking space isnt huge, by large BBQ standards, but whats impressive is how much surface area for actually grilling you get without a gargantuan machine on the outside; this ended up being perfect size for my city rowhouse back deck, which doesnt have a tremendous amount of space.

  1. Z Grills Elite 900

  2. Z Grills Elite 900

  3. Z Grills Elite 900

  4. Z Grills Elite 900

Not only does the design maximize utility and minimize footprint, but it also comes with very durable and weather resistant metal construction. The look is somewhat retro, with a stack-style chimney on the side, too. My one caveat when using the grill is that it does put out a fair amount of smoke, especially at startup, so make sure your neighbors are cool with it mine ended up complimenting the smell.

The Z Grills Elite 900 already ran a successful Indiegogo campaign, raising nearly $400,000 during its campaign, but its still available for pre-order via the crowdfunding site. A $399 USD pledge will get you one of the units, with shipping included to U.S. customers, and thats roughly 40% off what itll cost at retail. Shipments of the Z Grill start in July, but ship times may vary depending on where you end up in the queue.

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This week in apps: New Pokmon game, Quora videos, and more

Watching Mark Zuckerberg’s Harvard commencement speech and learning that the POTUS only has one app on his phone may have kept you too busy to keep up with this week’s app news. We’ve kept up for you.

Each week we round up the most important app news, along with some of the coolest new and updated apps. Here’s what caught our eye this week. (If you’re looking for more, make sure to check out last week’s roundup.)

Pokmon launches a new game

Image: the Pokmon company

There’s a new game from the Pokmon company called Magikarp Jump. The game has you train your Magikarp to jump and then compete with other Magikarp, featuring classic Pokmon music and clever writing. Mashable‘s Kellen Beck calls it a Pokmon version of Tamagotchi.

(Download for iOS and Android.)

Snapchat launches custom Stories

Image: snapchat

Snapchat has finally launched a long-awaited group Stories feature. There are two ways to make them: by location or by specific users. The location Stories have options to include friends and friends of friends.

(Download for iOS and Android.)

1Password launches travel mode

Image: 1password

Following recent travel restrictions, password manager 1Password has introduced a new Travel Mode. It protects 1Password users from being exposed to password searches while traveling. You can decide which passwords you want to keep and which you want to secure by marking passwords as “safe for travel.” When Travel Mode is turned on, all other passwords are removed from devices except those marked safe.

(Download for iOS and Android.)

Quora tests video answers

Image: quora

Q&A site Quora announced a limited, experimental beta of answers in the form of video. Authors with access will be able to record video answers on their phones directly in the app. The beta is currently limited to a small number of topics like beauty, cooking, and fitness.

(Download for iOS and Android.)

Become a car expert

Image: blippar

Similar to Google and Pinterest’s new tools, both named Lens, Blippar wants to build visual search for the real world, starting with cars. Blippar claims to be able to identify any car built after the year 2000, whether in a magazine or on the street and recognize the make, model and year. It then unlocks an AR experience that shows average customer rating, price, a 360-degree view of the cars interior and more. The company has already planned to expand to other categories including fashion.

(Download for iOS and Android.)

Warby Parker gets an update

Image: warby parker

Warby Parker is testing a prescription check app that helps you take a vision test at home. While the app is not meant to be a comprehensive vision test, it’s a convenient alternative to a doctor’s appointment.

(Download for iOS.)

Telegram lets you pay for stuff

Image: telegram

Telegram launched a big update including video messaging, bot payments and Telescope, a video-hosting platform.

(Download for iOS and Android.)

And finally, Apple launched a curriculum for anyone to learn how to make apps.

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6 Weirdly Specific Tropes Movies Got Briefly Obsessed With

Hollywood is a constant savage battle between artistic vision and producers desperate not to be fired. Sometimes this means crowd-pleasing fun, but most times it means each new idea gets grabbed by every studio and wrung dry over the course of a few years before they move on to the next one.

Some of those ideas are weirdly specific. Like freakishly, pointlessly specific. For instance …


Five Out Of Six Movie Deaths Are Now Caused By Huge Blue Light Beams

There are an infinite number of ways for aliens to kill us. They can drop asteroids on us, grow replacements of us in pods, or carefully wait for every Earth government to elect an insecure idiot with nuclear capabilities. But somewhere along the way, all movie aliens agreed on a single method: a big stupid beam of blue light.

In the ’90s, beams of blue light came out of every alien ship and death satellite, but it wasn’t until the rise of the superhero movie that blue light beams became the deadliest killer in all of cinema. Beams of blue light are practically the main character in most Marvel movies. Here’s Iron Man waving to one:

To differentiate themselves from the Marvel movies, the DC superhero films decided to be shitty piles of unlikeable misery. However, they did end up using the same blue light beams. In Man Of Steel, all of Metropolis not smashed into rubble by Superman himself is vaporized by a giant blue beam.

No matter how many cool weapons the bad guys came up with, they kept coming back to the blue beams. They even showed up in Transformers: Dark Of The Moon. Think about that for a minute: It’s a movie about robots that turn into fighter jets, Laserbeaks, and dinosaurs, and some asshole still suggested, “What if we blew everything up with just, like, some big blue beam?”

Paramount Pictures
Pictured: Not dinosaur robots or Laserbeaks.

Suicide Squad is a movie featuring 416 potentially interesting characters and one Jared Leto’s Joker, and even that monstrosity manages to squeeze in three giant blue beams.

Warner Bros.
They happened in Act Two, the seventh Act Three, and the 14th denouement.

At this point, blue beams of light have become so common that the poster for Fant4stic featured one as the main antagonist. That really happened. They actually marketed this movie as four bored people staring at a cliche, and it was the most honest advertising in the history of the world.

20th Century Fox
Audiences everywhere said, “Oh, sweet! Blue beam of light is in this one?! I hope they went with its original costume!”


’90s Femme Fatales Killed Everyone With Their Legs

In the 1990s, when Cobains freely roamed the Earth and Jolt Cola turned children into vibrating corn syrup, a new breed of deadly and mysterious creature emerged. Its habitat was the action movie and it hunted with a natural weapon as deadly as it was sexy. We’re speaking, of course, about the North American ’90s Femme Fatale who always killed her prey by wrapping her legs around its face.

It was a decade in which every woman owned seven to 15 ThighMasters, and it led to an epidemic of skull-crushing leg murder. Historians believe the trend started around 1993 when Lena Olin killed Gary Oldman by squeezing his brain into cubic zirconia in Romeo Is Bleeding.

The trend continued in 1995’s Tank Girl, when Lori Petty snapped a guard’s neck after luring him in with the promise of a blowjob. Unfortunately, the trend of dressing Ice-T up as a kangaroo started and stopped with this film.

Later that same year, Famke Janssen played a Bond villain in GoldenEye who didn’t even have to get her legs around your fragile neck or brain. She killed her victims by just wrapping her legs around their body, a finishing move so unbelievable, she almost certainly discovered she could do it during a tragic sex accident.

Also in 1995, Sonya Blade leg-killed Kano during their match in Mortal Kombat. It was truly a glorious year for sexy thigh slayings. Every movie cop in 1995 had no idea if someone was murdered, or if they just really misunderstood the instructions in a Kama Sutra maneuver.

Eventually the ’90s ended, and women in movies put their legs away and switched back to guns and knives — with one notable exception: Mystique. Since the X-Franchise began in the year 2000, she has single-handedly reduced the face population with her legs. She may be one of the Children Of Tomorrow, but her murder weapon is Class Of ’95 Forever.


Liquid Nitrogen Instantly Turned Countless ’90s Villains Into Shatterable Ice

How do you kill an unkillable enemy? Wrap your legs around its head and squeeze? Sure, that works if you’re a lady with highly trained thighs, but what if you’re not so lucky? The answer is simple: liquid nitrogen. It’s fast-acting, effective, and in movies, you can find it everywhere.

The trend started in Terminator 2 when Arnold, as the outdated T-800, faced off against the totally sweet liquid-metal T-1000. For most of the movie it looked hopeless. He could make himself into floor, his arms were knives, and bullets only made him look radder. But look what happens when you douse him in liquid nitrogen, say something awesome, and shoot him:

Before we get into how overused this trope became, we should mention it’s mostly bullshit. Yes, super cold things make nearby things super cold, but nothing freezes anything as fast as movie liquid nitrogen freezes them. In real life, getting it on you doesn’t do more than burn your skin. It doesn’t, for example, snap your legs in half and turn you into a shrieking slushee pinata. Speaking of, please enjoy this scene from 2004’s Mindhunters.

In Demolition Man, Wesley Snipes is so impossible for the wussy future to defeat, they have to thaw out Sylvester Stallone to deal with him. Which seems strange because the future is well-stocked with liquid nitrogen and the moment any of it gets on Simon Phoenix he instantly becomes 100 percent Popsicle.

The ’90s were a great decade for bizarrely instantaneous liquid nitrogen deaths. In GoldenEye, Alan Cumming is frozen so quickly he doesn’t even have time to recoil in horror. Or maybe he learned from Han Solo to always strike a cool pose before being frozen so the statue of you doesn’t look like it’s crying.

When there was nothing original left for this trope to do on earth, 2001’s Jason X naturally took it to outer space. The movie is a combination of every tired idea ever brought up during a Hollywood story meeting, including the shattering of a frozen human. But how were the screenwriters going to create a believable way for a woman to freeze in outer space? When you hear the answer it’s going to seem obvious: By getting her head dunked in a conveniently placed sink full of pointless sequel-grade liquid nitrogen.


The 2000s Went Blimp-Crazy

When you picture the future or a more advanced alternate reality, what do you see? Robots? Silver bodysuits? Butt plugs that connect to your social media and calendar while cooking the perfect egg? Of course, but in the ’00s, filmmakers decided there was one technology that would definitely be there: blimps.

Yes, as CGI became advanced enough to render anything a filmmaker could imagine, they all imagined a world of blimps. They were the same technology that let our great-grandparents float over NFL games and let clowns turn inflatable tubes into puppies. They’re as fast as a bicycle but 400 times more flammable, and yet Sky Captain And The World Of Tomorrow was sure blimps would rule their oddly futuristic 1939:

This absurd idea seemed to start with Kurt Wimmer, the director of 2002’s Equilibrium. It was mainly a movie about gun dancing and the nature of art, but it started the trend of using blimps as a way to sell the “futureness” of a movie.

Afterwards, this uniquely insane idea was used in Sky Captain, The Golden Compass, Stardust, and Southland Tales. If it was a movie made in the 2000s but set in a futuristic or alternate-world fantasy, its skyline definitely included the most hopelessly inefficient method of travel ever invented.

And that’s not even getting into the realm of video games, where airships dominate the skies of the Final Fantasy and Fallout franchises. There’s something about a fictional zeppelin that just captures the imagination in the way that a real one never, ever could.


In the ’80s, Giant Barrels Of Toxic Waste Were Everywhere Ready To Deform You

Today, our greatest political thinkers are using the environment as a place to dump coal waste until it fixes the economy, but during the ’80s we considered the environment an important thing. One of the main concerns we had was toxic waste, and this was reflected in the art of our cinema. People in movies were leaving uncovered vats of hazardous materials under every catwalk and dumping leaky barrels of it into every pond they could find.

“So what?” you might be saying. “Not worrying about where to put radioactive waste helped them create more jobs!” And you’re not wrong, but the only jobs they created were face-half-melted monster and CHUD.

Obviously, hazardous waste in the ’80s did more than make monsters. It also made Ninja Turtles and Toxic Avengers. Getting dipped in carcinogens was probably the origin story of a disturbing number of the super-powered characters from your childhood.

Of course, no discussion of a toxic waste backstory is complete without mentioning The Joker. In the 1989 Batman, Joker falls into a hilariously lethal vat of chemicals and all it does is give him a skin condition and an enthusiasm for childish jokes. Like everyone that decade, the only thing deadly chemicals did was make him crazy powerful at the cost of looking a bit more ugly.

Obviously, this is ’80s movie nonsense. Exposure to toxic waste in the real world mostly melts you into a puddle of imminent, certain death. And one might argue that a movie where that happens would be the furthest thing from entertaining. And to that we have three words and one hyphen:

Fuck you -RoboCop.


Desert Sandworms Went from One Distant Planet To Everywhere

The idea of a titanic worm terrorizing the desert was popularized in the ’60s by Frank Herbert when he wrote Dune. It was a unique threat to the spice farmers of that particular universe, and quickly became a genre of monster infesting every single science-fiction desert to ever exist. If you’re a nerd and the movie you’re watching, the book you’re reading, or the video game you’re playing has a desert, there is a 100 percent chance it’s infested with giant worms. And you owe all that to Frank Herbert.

Maybe sandworms became popular because of their toothy, inhuman mouths or their simple-minded drive to devour. Maybe it was because they’re easy to draw, but for whatever reason, they became the go-to desert monster for every genre.

Boba Fett fell into one, Beetlejuice was eaten by one, and they even tried to kill Kevin Bacon.

Usually sandworms just pop out of the ground and stupidly gnash their teeth. Tremors was the first movie to really explore their personality. It started as an idea that came to director Ron Underwood when he was hiking in the desert. While resting on a boulder he thought, “What if, like … sandworms?” That simple variation of “The Floor Is Lava” grew into a film series spanning two more movies than the Mannequin and Weekend At Bernie’s franchises combined.

Across the Tremors sequels, the Graboids evolved from a stale Dune rip-off into one of the most layered, realized creatures in all of science fiction. They became more than just menacing tubes undone by simple rocks and floors. They developed legs and eventually the most lethal of all nature’s adaptations: the rocket fart.

You can find Tiagosvn on Twitter. Nathan Kamal lives in Oregon and writes there. He co-founded Asymmetry Fiction for all your fiction needs. Jordan Breeding has a blog, a twitter, and a blimp that makes your car look like a covered wagon.

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Adele celebrates her 29th birthday by transforming herself into an old lady

Image: Glenn Hunt/Getty Images

Adele just celebrated her 29th birthday, but she also thought she’d get a head start on her older years. Why not, right?

On Friday, the singer posted a delightful ‘old lady’ themed photoshoot to Twitter, in which she looks strikingly like Catherine Tate’s “Nan” character. We are sure this is not a coincidence.


Can’t wait to see what wonders are in store for her 30th.

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Starting this week, you’ll be able to play the original ‘StarCraft’ for free

Well that was unexpected.

StarCraft is coming back. Not as a sequel or as yet another expansion for StarCraft II. Instead, Blizzard Entertainment is cooking up a remaster of the 1998 original, with a spruced up 4K resolution sheen and an assortment of modern contrivances aimed at making it easier to play a 20-year-old game in 2017.

The re-release, titled StarCraft Remastered, will launch this summer. Functionally, it’s meant to be the game you remember none of the rules, mechanics, or any of the stuff that made StarCraft the gold standard of the real-time strategy genre will change.

It’s just going to look better. And sound better. In addition to a new coat of 4K-friendly textures effectively, sharper versions of the original game’s art with a wider range of supported aspect ratios all the dialogue and music has been re-recorded.

For story devotees, StarCraft Remastered will also feature comic book-style interludes that put an eye-catching new spin on the 1998 game’s Terrans vs. Protoss vs. Zerg royal rumble.

The message on Blizzard’s newly launched StarCraft Remastered website is clear: the year-long development process led to a mountain of cosmetic improvements, but the gameplay core of the experience won’t change in the slightest.

Here are some side-by-side looks at what “remastered textures” actually means in the context of a 20-year-old game.

Image: Blizzard Entertainment






You can view all of these images (plus a few others) in GIF form on the newly launched StarCraft Remastered website. If you’ve got any other questions about the re-release, you might find answers in Blizzard’s extensive new interview with TeamLiquid.

Blizzard is baking in support for campaign cloud saves, keybindings, custom maps, and replays. StarCraft Remastered will also lean on Blizzard’s for matchmaking and social features.

To top it all off, the original version of StarCraft: Brood War which includes the core game and its celebrated expansion will be re-released in the Blizzard store as a free download. The package, dubbed StarCraft Anthology, was recently removed for unexplained (but now abundantly clear) reasons.

The new version 1.18 release fixes bugs, improves performance on modern operating systems, and adds support for keybindings as well as an observer mode. StarCraft Anthology will arrive in the online store sometime this week.

WATCH: Esports bars bring fans together to socialize and game

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How to make slime: The sticky world of teen slimers

As an early 2000s tween, I used to spend countless hours watching Nickelodeon’s Slime Time Live and dreaming fervently of the day I could bathe in fluorescent green goop on live television. There was something about the way the slime lookedharmless but almost glowing, untouched in a giant vatthat made you want to jump right in. Their noses may be buried in their phones, but teens and tweens today, it seems, are still reallyinto this idea. But theyve found a more sophisticated, profitable way to obsess over gooey substances: Welcome to the strange, internet drama-fueled world of DIY slime.

Liquid Gold This will be up for sale as soon as my website is open!

A post shared by Go Check Out My Etsy Page!!! (@hula_slime) on

Slime-making accounts, run by slimers, have seen a massive uptick in popularity since the tail end of 2016.

The most prominent accounts are operated by teen girls. If you type the words how to into Google today, the first fill-in-the-blank answer is how to make slime,closely followed by immortal how-to questions like how to tie a tie or how to boil eggs. It turns out making slime is surprisingly simple, easy, and very cheap.

Recipe: How to make slime


1 bottle Elmer’s glue (either clear or white)

1 teaspoon Borax powder OR substitute 1/2 cup liquid laundry detergent

1 1/2 cups water (room temperature)

Step 1: Dissolve 1 teaspoon of borax powder into 1 cup of water in a separate bowl.Mix well.

Step 2: Measure out about1/2 cup of clear glue and mix with 1/2 cup of water until well mixed.

Step 3: Pour glue/water mixture into borax/water mixture.

Step 4: Get your hands in there and mix it up. Voila! Slime time.

Make sure to store your finished slime in an airtight container. If it ever becomes too sticky or goopy to handle, you can carefully add more borax powder to restore consistency. For added texture, mix in glitter, beads, styrofoam beads, or even a small amount of lotion to add a scent to your slime.

The basic slime recipe is made up of a combination of household ingredients and school supplies: white glue, water, food coloring, and the key ingredient, borax powder, which is found in most laundry detergents. Here’s where the profit comes in: Slimers can make a basic slime at home for less than a dollar and sell it at a much higher pricetypically anywhere from $2 to $20, depending on their variations or additions to the slime.

Under the hashtag #slime on Instagram there are more than2 million posts, mostly videos, of stretchy, sticky, brightly colored goop thats squished and squashed around in the hands of teen slime enthusiasts. Each video follows roughly the same format: a spotless, fresh bowl of virgin slime is poked and repeatedly folded, making a distinct clicking or popping sound.

It’s both visually satisfying and auditorily satisfying, but it’s the combination of these senses that make slime what it is, says Grace, one half of the teen girl duo behind the Instagram account Kickass Slimes. It’s great for relaxation. People who suffer from anxiety or general stress benefit from watching videos or playing with it themselves.”

Teens are always going to play with goop, or circulate obnoxious viral videos, or draw that one weird s symbol on all of their notebooks. But slime has surpassed a simple teen trend, crossing over into the Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) community. ASMR refers to the euphoric tingling sensation some experience inresponse to certain stimuli, like listening to quiet whispers or having their hair touched. That distinct slime soundthe clicking, popping, and crunchingcan also trigger the brain tingle response that defines ASMR.

fuzzy peaches whatcha doing right now ? you can buy this on my etsy! link in bio <3

A post shared by grace & sarah (@kickassslimes) on

Though science hasturned up barely any real information on why some people experience ASMR effects more than others, one 2015 ASMR study found that most ASMR enthusiasts turn to videos produced by “ASMRtists” tohelp reduce anxiety symptoms or to use as a sleep aid.

“The feeling when you pull back your fingers from poking it and then the noises it makesit’s just nice, says Sarah Schonbacher, the 19-year-old operator of an Etsy slime shop called Honey Guts. You can poke it, stretch it, make different textures and noises.

There are names for varying strains of slimebutter, fluffy, crunchy, and fishbowl, to name a few. With artisanal names like super crunchy iceberg, jiggly banana milk, and pastel geode fishbowl, its hard not click on the next suggested video, anticipating the next round of sounds.

As pure and silly as the slime world seems, just like the rest of the internet, it can get sticky when it comes to competing for followers and plagiarizing original recipes.

I know what you’re thinkingslime drama? Seriously? Seriously, Grace says. It’s intended to be a source of relaxation, not a place to argue about who created what type of slime first or demand recipes. People overreact all the time, but at the end of the day, it’s just slime.

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10+ Times Chrissy Teigen Was Too Funny For Twitter To Handle

Chrissy Teigen may currently be making headlines for falling asleep at the Oscars on Sunday night, but that’s not the only hilarious thing she’s known for. She is also the unofficial Queen of Twitter, with 4.47k loyal subjects hanging off her every golden tweet.

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The 31-year-old star is a model, mom, wife to singer John Legend, and cooking show personality (just to name a few of her many talents), yet somehow still finds the time to entertain fans with humorous insights – and burn haters with savage comebacks.

You should probably just stop whatever you’re doing right now and follow Chrissy Teigen, but first, have a look at some of her finest moments below.

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The 30 Day Challenge Each Zodiac Sign Needs To Take In Order To Live Beautifully

Aries: Watch a movie each day challenge

Netflix is great, but how about expanding your knowledge and inspiration for the next 30 days with a movie marathon? A friend of mine took this challenge while he was studying to become an actor and spent a couple minutes each morning reviewing the film he watched the night before. This proved an excellent exercise to access not only great art, but also to nurture his curiosity, to enhance his thinking and to learn amazing pick-up lines (my point exactly). Make a list of the films youve always wanted to watch and never had the chance to, subscribe to local cinemas to stay informed about premieres or offer to host some movie nights at your place for your friends and their cinema aficionado acquaintances. Soon enough, youll have a complete new agenda to look up to!

Taurus: Living without social media challenge

This social media thing has invaded your life, hasnt it, Taurus? You spend your minutes before falling asleep with your phone rather than with your SO, endlessly scrolling newsfeeds and hopelessly spying on your current Instagram obsessions. Before superficially sighing again and letting your ennui grow stronger than your sense of humour, consider cutting your own access to social channels for one month. Wait, what, you work there? That doesnt mean you cant still do it. Create a separate Facebook profile (without adding ANY friends) if you need one for your work, and deactivate your main profile instead. Oh, I know, you think youre gonna die without your newsfeed tabloid each day, but whenever you postpone going to the toilet in the morning because you want some extra time spying your ex on Facebook, remember your bladder is not an infinite well. Other than that, youll be surprised how much spare time you will have access to. You might even want to pass this to your social media obsessed friend(s) next time their lunch gets cold because they HAD to Instagram it.

Gemini: Dance class challenge

This is a good time to work on your feminine/masculine balance and what better way to do so other than dancing your demons away while learning to actually synch with a partner? Takes two to tango, Gemini, and even if you do it just for you to learn to move your hips like Shakira, you can bet this kind of energy will make peace between your conflicted sides.

Cancer: Slow cooking challenge

If your diets been more vodka on the rocks and preheated meals this winter, Cancer, you might consider breaking up with your fast foodie knack and get yourself prepared a real, delicious and healthy snack. Even if youll find it boring and painstaking in the first week to actually move your ass to the market, analyze recipes and ingredients, spend time figuring how to mix organic avocados with goat cheese and chutney, doing so will make room for creativity in the kitchen. Plus, your body will thank you for that. From all its pores.

Leo: Learning a new skill challenge

It only takes 20 hours to become pretty good at something new. That means 45 minutes each day for a month, and a realistic plan to get you closer to your next dream job, fruition of a hobby or take-off of a business youve been long musing to kickstart. You might be surprised how fast your mind wraps itself around this new outlook and youll feel so much confident when youve touched first base with something youve always wanted to do but never considered yourself competent enough to actually do it. Now its the time!

Virgo: Deep cleansing challenge

Rest, eat, meditate, repeat. If youve been struggling with a difficult project, ran the mile to burnout at work or postponed washing your hair for a whole week (OR, even worse, slept in your make-up because you once read Kim Kardashian gets away with that which she totally doesnt, BTW), its high time to put a hold on your FOMO and workaholic inside and get a good and completely deserved rest. This means 9 hours of sleep each night, drinking lemon water each morning on an empty stomach, comforting your body with Swedish massage and eating healthy and vitamin reach meals three times a day, no exception. You might also want to swipe alcohol and caffeine while youre at it, and treat your body and mind the well deserved rest it needs.

Libra: Vippassana meditation challenge

For someone who finds it hard to sit down with their own issues and often forgets to shush and listen to others, a no-talking yoga camp with long meditation classes in the morning and spiritual engaging activities throughout the day may be a winning challenge to finally connect with your deepest desires.

Scorpio: Arts and crafts challenge

The creative adult is the child who survived. If youve been feeling disconnected from your hearts wishes and feel like your anxiety is the only thing standing between you and that big dream of yours, this is a good time to actively listen to your inner child, inner artist, inner voice, and give them some credit. Take a painting class, start scribbling your thoughts into poems, play with clay or take a graphic design course. Whenever I tell myself I cant do anything artistic because I lack the skill, I think of my friend who channelled her creative energy into 38 paintings over the course of 30 days (!) after she fell in love. And even if youre not in love, you might end up learning an important lesson about what you really love in life.

Sagittarius: Yoga mat challenge

Your body is a wonderland of sensations, Sag, and you need to work on your flexibility, especially if you want things to get wilder in the bedroom. Your epicurean spirit may find great comfort in taking a relaxing yoga class, while your body will thank you for releasing the blocked energies in your chakras. Take a deep breath and stick to it for one month, even if it seems pointless in the beginning, you will be surprised by your Jagger moves after this!

Capricorn: Be a tourist in your own city challenge

I know, we all love to travel and we get this fantastic high when were mingling with new people in different cultures. Then, back home, we find ourselves numbed and bored by the lacklustre of the city we inhabit, often forgetting the myriad of possibilities and attractions that make it so catchy for tourists each season after all. Take some time to sit with your mood while revisiting all the shows, galleries, museums and free activities your city has to offer. Rent a bike and explore the lesser known areas of your city. Book a nice dinner to a venue youve never stepped into before. Wear those beautiful clothes that you only sport on holidays (because you feel its tacky to dress nice for no occasion) and plan some getaways to local events with your close friends. You will feel tired but extremely happy and thankful for the energy boost your social life and your mind will get from this.

Aquarius: Surf camp challenge

Your body craves interactive sports that help you tone that beach body and boost your adrenaline in the same time. Take a month to relax and refresh your system while learning to surf with a hot instructor in a breezy resort. Lena Dunham just took one on the premiere episode of GIRLS season 6 and it made up for some good old soul searching too. Dont forget to SPF!

Pisces: Diary of dreams challenge

This is a fantastic way to connect to your subconscious and learn decoding the messages it sends to you while youre resting between the sheets. If youve been having nightmares, or if youre simply curious how your dream world relates to events in your waking life, you might start a dream journal. Get yourself a beautiful notebook and begin collecting your dreams each morning before breakfast, trying to be as explicit and detailed as possible. Reflect on the notes you made at the end of each week and soon you will be able to deconstruct your subconscious mind and connect in surprising ways to the aspects of your life that need improvement.

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