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Our first Christmas as empty nesters

The kids have left home, and were not really coping, so this seems like the perfect chance to lure them back

My husband and I dont think we have the condition until, one day last month, hundreds of miles from home, we find ourselves outside our younger sons university accommodation at 11.30 on a Sunday morning. I am clutching supplies in a little brown paper bag. Our son knows were in town, but isnt expecting this rude awakening. Its a surprise.

Do you think we should have called first? I say as we approach the entrance, the inappropriateness of what were doing dawning on me only now.

My husband pulls a face; its his moment of awakening, too. Call now, he says. Tell him were on our way.

But were already here.

We both suddenly see what we have become: two newbie empty-nester weirdos...

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A cute proposal, a marching band victory and a quokka!


We’re a few days into the new year, which means all of you sticking to some life-changing resolution are probably remembering how hard it is to actually stick to life-changing resolutions. You got this! Keep going! Yes, you’ll definitely slip up. You’ll definitely get frustrated. But if it’s something you truly want, pick yourself back up and keep going. No one is perfect, even in some parallel universe where every day is January 1 and all of the smoothies are organic, the treadmills are never occupied, the planners are always filled out and the reading lists are stuck to. (Need some inspiration? Here are some tips on keeping up that new year, new you energy.)

Our favorites this week

    A very tasty proposal
    These newlyweds are so cute we can hardly stand it...
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    30 Things To Donate To Food Banks To Make The World A Slightly Better Place

    If you want to give back this year, donate some of the items mentioned on Ask Reddit.

    1. Feminine hygiene products. Tampons, pads. Anything needed like that is incredibly important.

    2. Diapers. Both for babies, and for older people.

    3. Toothbrushes and toothpaste. Soap, shampoo, and so on.

    4. Socks (men’s, women’s and children’s).

    5. Cooking supplies. Butter. Olive oil. Flour. Folks that use pantries cook but don’t always have these items. They’re important, basic cooking tools.

    6. Pet food!

    7. Paper and cleaning products...

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    Why I’m ordering turkey this year rather than following the family recipe

    (CNN)In the 1940s, as my family story goes, my grandmother Irma worked for Armed Services Editions, a publisher that sent more than 122 million books to servicemen around the world. One of them was a strange collection of essays by the writer Morton Thompson, including “How to Cook a Turkey.”

    The Thompson turkey recipe, which begins with classical quotations and includes more than 30 ingredients in the stuffing, a mustard-egg shell for the bird and an every-15-minute basting regimen, has become legendary in food circles.
    The story I heard from my mother is that my great-grandmother Betty tried Morton Thompson’s recipe back then, and it’s been with us ever since...
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    Greta Thunberg sparks surge in sailboat hitchhiking

    Since climate campaigners transatlantic adventures, more people are looking to travel by sail

    Hitching a ride on a sailing boat across the Atlantic might sound like a far-fetched endeavour reserved for the famous and well-connected. But Greta Thunberg has now managed it twice in three months and her antics appear to be inspiring a growing, if nascent, movement in sail-hitching.

    Maritime hitchhiking has hitherto been reserved for sailors looking for experience on different routes and vessels.

    But after Thunbergs transatlantic adventures, numbers have boomed. Daniel Krause, a full-time cruiser, helps to run the Sailboat Hitchhikers and Crew Connection Facebook group, which has sharply increased to nearly 21,000 members since Thunbergs voyage...

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    More fathers are taking paternity leave, but mothers are still doing all the work

    A survey found 62% of fathers in the US took full time off for their newborn, but women saw a greater damage to future job prospects

    Attitudes towards paternity leave have drastically changed in America in the last five years as more fathers feel comfortable taking extended time off, but gender stereotypes persist when it comes to career prospects and the home, according to a new study of working parents.

    Research by the Boston College Center for Work & Family, which surveyed new parents at four large US companies who were eligible for at least six weeks paid parental leave, found that 81% of the 1,240 employees surveyed said the notion of fathers taking leave has become more acceptable.

    Of those surveyed, 62% of fathers took the maximum amount of time off and 93% of mothers, and around t...

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    Happy Friendsgiving: Weekend Horoscopes November 22-24 | Betches

    It’s almost Thanksgiving, and most of us are being unfairly targeted by the cosmos to spend time (if not suffer a bit of drama) at the hands of family members and close friends. Will your slightly racist uncle make more colorful comments this year? Will your aunt dig in to your romantic history? Or will you decide to sit out of Thanksgiving altogether in a show of solidarity with other introverts? Stay tuned for that. In the meantime, you can seek some comfort in your weekend horoscopes.


    The moon’s in Libra and your social light is on, Sagittarius. That’s a plus, too, considering Venus is making your outward appearance, personality, and overall demeanor shiny af all weekend long...

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    ‘I used the same nappy for my nine children’

    Image copyright Katie Holden
    Image caption “What does an 18-year-old re-usable cloth nappy look like after it has been through nine children? Like this.”

    My Money is a new series looking at how people spend their money – and the sometimes tough decisions they make. Here, Katie Holden from Bradford, records her spending over a week, and shares tips for saving which is especially important because she has nine children.

    We’re looking for more people to share what they spend their money on. If you’re interested, please email or get in touch via our My Money Facebook group and we’ll aim to contact you.

    Katie is a home-schooling mother of nine children. The eldest two are studying A-Levels at college and the youngest is a toddler...

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    America’s strip club capital sees push for fair terms, labor rights and food

    Meals 4 Heels is offering healthy late-night takeout for sex workers and strippers, and its just part of a discussion on wellness and working conditions in the industry

    Nikeisah Newton has cornered a market in her hometown of Portland, Oregon, which she calls strip city.

    Shortly before 10pm on a Friday, Newton bounces around her kitchen, steaming kale and packing take-out boxes into a tote bag. Newton is working for herself in a business she created called Meals 4 Heels, a one-of-a-kind food service that delivers fresh, nutritious bowls to sex workers and strippers during late-night hours.

    After 13 years of living in Portland and hustling in food service, Newton launched Meals 4 Heels in January. Her ex-girlfriend is a stripper and she has several friends who work in the industry...

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    Massive Fire On Moving Train Kills 71 Passengers In Pakistan

    MULTAN, Pakistan (AP) — A massive fire caused by a cooking gas stove erupted on Thursday on a train traveling in Pakistan’s eastern Punjab province, killing at least 71 passengers, officials said.

    Flames roared through the train cars as the train approached the town of Liaquatpur in Punjab, they said, the latest tragedy to hit Pakistan’s dilapidated, poorly maintained and mismanaged rail system.

    Survivors recounted horrific scenes of fellow passengers screaming as they jumped through the windows and off the train, flames billowing from the carriages.

    “We could hear people crying and screaming for help,” said Chaudhry Shujaat who had boarded the train just a few hours earlier with his wife and two children. “I thought we would die. The next car was on fire. We felt so helpless.”

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