23 Helpful Shortcuts For Keeping Yourself Fed

If you’ve ever burned down an apartment heating up a cup of Kraft Easy Mac because you left a spoon in it, you aren’t alone. But cooking doesn’t have to be so deadly — and we’ve got some tips that’ll help keep your home and eyebrows intact.

Pretty much you’ll be the next Gordon Ramsay after reading this — complete with excessive swearing.


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Couple Shares Why They Cant Leave Their Home And Everyone Is Telling Them To Burn Their House

Queensland, Australia resident Lauren Ansell was cooking dinner with her boyfriend the other night when an unexpected visitor turned their quiet evening into a night of terror. It was a huntsman spider, a horrifying dinner plate-sized beast, and he wasn’t in the mood for any funny business.

Though not extremely dangerous to humans, huntsman spiders will bite if aggravated – and you better believe the bad boy holding this couple hostage was unhappy when they tried to move him. Even their poor cat was too afraid of the demonic creature to make a move. Would they be doomed to forever cower inside their home at the behest of a menacing arachnid?

After the bitter stand-off culminated in Ansell’s partner attempting to crush the eight-legged aggressor using the glass door, the enemy retreated with minor wounds. “We nicknamed the spider ‘Aragog’ from Harry Potter, and feel the spider has run into the forbidden forest,” Ansell told local media in conclusion. Though it’s unclear whether Aragog is gone for good, or simply lying in wait until his next attack, at least everyone involved in this harrowing drama came out alive.

An Australian couple was recently making dinner when an uninvited guest turned up at their door

It was a giant huntsman spider, and he wasn’t in the mood for any funny business

Lauren Ansell and her boyfriend, the homeowners, were locked in a vicious stand-off

“We nicknamed the spider ‘Aragog’ from Harry Potter… “

The name is surely well fitting, just look at his huge long legs!

See footage of the terrifying encounter for yourself below, though be prepared to squirm

People were shocked to say the least

What would you do if you encountered such a spider yourself? Tell us in the comments below!

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Google is giving users less reason to ever leave its sprawling walled garden

Image: mashable composite

Google used to be about transporting you around the open web and connecting you with all the weird, wonderful stuff the internet has to offer.

Not anymore. If it was up to Google, you’d never need to leave its growing internet real estate. It’s a scary proposition for just about everybody but Google.

Between fast-loading AMP articles from major news brands hosted in its domain, full pages of information scraped from outside sites that don’t require you to visit them, basic shopping functions built into ads, YouTube, and a host of other features, the Google-verse is more of a digital walled garden than ever.

The most recent addition comes in the form of a report that the company is considering killing visible URLs altogether.

Google has always had these ambitions to one extent or another. Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt said way back in 2005 that the platonic ideal of a Google search should ultimately yield just one result, and that result would be the simplest answer to the query, no clicks needed.

The company has made various moves towards this idea in the years since, but it only really became aggressive about it when arch-rival Facebook’s own drive towards its own enclosed platform lit a fire.

The benefits of operating within a regulated walled garden are obvious. The open web tends a wild and messy place, whereas closed platforms allow companies to control, track, and potentially monetize every part of their user experience and behavior.

Google’s a bit different because it primarily operates in the web at large. Its core business is built around organizing and indexing the internet’s chaotic expanses. Its networks place ads on thousands of different sites, reaping billions of dollars in the process.

The company justifies its new crusade as a boon to consumers, who obviously aren’t big fans of slow-loading pages, extra navigation, and annoying ads. And six in ten Google users say they want more results they don’t have to click.

But that convenience doesn’t come without a cost. Brian Warner, founder and CEO of CelebrityWorthNet.com, understands perhaps more than anybody the power of Google’s wall-building.

Warner started to notice the content from his site appearing directly on search results pages in 2012. Two years later, he got an email from Google asking to scrape all of his data, which he turned down. Another two years after that, Google did it anyway, and the impact was catastrophic.

“It was extremely painful, it was extremely devastating,” Warner said. “We got to a point where our traffic was down 85 percent from a year or two earlier.”

Search for the net worth of any celebrity at random todaylet’s say, James Earl Jonesand you’ll get the number ($45 million) and a short biographical blurb pulled from CelebrityNetWorth.com with credit and a link. Below that is a panel of questions commonly asked about the Star Wars actor (“Is James Earl Jones alive or dead?” reads one) and dropdown answers pulled from sources ranging big news sites to personal blogs (“James Earl Jones is alive!” E!’s excerpted headline rejoices.)

More questions load every time you click, and it’s easy to stray from related topic to topic without ever leaving Google.

Google will load endless related questions.

Image: screenshot

The growth in the use of these sorts of built-in tools in the past few years has been dramatic. A recent report from marketing agency Stone Temple found that half of all Google search results now come with some form of information hosted within the siteand three in ten with so-called “snippets” in particular. As of January, these excerpts appeared more than 50 percent more often than they did just a year and a half earlier.

The use of embedded excerpts has grown at a crazy rate.

Image: stone temple

Google’s mobile experience has become even more insulated from the rest of the web. Some secondary results pages are now entirely self-contained; they list relevant information directly on the page and link only to AMP articles, YouTube videos, and other results pages in the same format. It’s not hard to imagine how this set-up might be fleshed out into an entirely closed information network one day.

Only one link on this page will take you outside a Google property.

Image: screenshot

There’s also a steady stream of more subtle indications of Google’s inward pull appearing every dayfeatures like on-site hotel booking, restaurant menus, spa appointment tools, and dropdown recipes to name just a few.

These tweaks might sound minor, but Google’s position as the web’s central nervous system means they can have big impact on smaller businesses that orbit it.

In the long run, there seems to be a pretty glaring hole in this plan. That is, as Google likes to reassure wary publishers, it’s not in the content business.

The company ultimately relies on reference sites like Wikipedia, IMDB, Fandango, and the CIA World Fact Book to compile and update the information it uses.

If Google continues to choke these sites out, what incentive will there be for new ones to come along?

“CelebrityNetWorth is a website I created because I thought it needed to exist and I liked it,” Warner said. “There’s no way I would go about that today.”

The information Google plasters on results pages isn’t immune to mistakes, whether because of the quality of the site from which it was pulled or a data misalignment on Google’s part.

These sorts of functions fall under the province of Google’s much-touted “Knowledge Graph,” a program it built in 2012 to populate its results pages with aggregated content. The system has shifted search’s focus from just words to more complex concepts that text represents. The engine powering it is constantly vacuuming up new data from all over the web.

It’s an impressive tool, but the quality of the information it stores is ultimately only as good as that of the web around it.

And as Google puts the squeeze on publishers, it risks deteriorating it.

For now, though, that concern doesn’t seem to be at the top of Google’s priority list as it works on swallowing more and more of the internet.

Read more: http://mashable.com/2017/08/13/google-eating-the-web/

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30 Little Things Ive Learned About Life And Love During My First 6 Months Of Marriage

Callie Morgan

Everyone tells you that marriage is hard, and in many ways it truly isit tests you and sometimes it breaks you downbut guess what? Marriage is also SUPER RAD, and I think more married people need to go around telling that truth.

Being married means you get to spend every day with your best friend. You get to learn more about that person and grow with and from them. You get to become a better human being, and you get to experience life with your partner right there by your side.

Even though I’ve only been married for 6 months, I think my husband and I have been dealt a crazy hand, which has taught us a lot, so here are some of the awesome (and not so awesome) things I’ve learned about marriage this far.

1. You always have someone to binge-watch shows with.

2. But consequently you always have someone to argue about what show you both are going to binge-watch.

3. Having good communication truly works wonders when you get into arguments.

4. Being intentional with your time is extremely important.

5. Scheduling dates is a must!

6. Sometimes you’ll get into pretty mundane routines, so changing things up every once in awhile helps.

7. Talking openly to other married friends about your problems is extremely beneficial. It’s nice to hear that they have similar problems, and then you can get advice about what they do to solve things.

8. Having money talks regularly is pretty dreadful, but it helps to be on the same page.

9. You have your own personal masseuse.

10. But marriage is about give and take, so be prepared for your spouse to ask for a massage too.

11. Being married makes you realize how selfish and stubborn you are. Marriage doesn’t allow any room for those kinds of qualities.

12. Saving money is difficult and taxing, but it’s nice to have a cushion.

13. Being married really does change you for the better, but you have to be willing to actually work on changing.

14. Reading about and understanding the five love languages really helps – especially because most couples give and receive love in different ways.

15. Sometimes you’ll schedule sex. And that’s okay.

16. Every so often you’ll be tight on money and that means staying home. Not always fun, but necessary.

17. Finding time to schedule a meet-up with friends once you’re married might be difficult, but it’s beneficial for both of you.

18. Preparing meals ahead of time makes life easier. Microwaves are seriously a godsend. Just heat it up and you’re ready to go!

19. Budget. Budget. Budget.

20. Make sure you have at least a few designated chores. It makes house cleanup and maintenance a breeze.

21. Cleaning and doing laundry suck, so remember to take turns.

22. You’re going to argue about stupid, little things, but just remember that it’s not you and your spouse against each other. It’s you and your spouse against the argument. Work together to figure out how to mend the situation.

23. Once you’re married, you will get baby fever, and you will be asked at least once a week by someone when you’ll be having a baby.

24. Have a money jar or separate bank account for adventures. Getting away every now and then is refreshing.

25. Eating out is easy and fun, but cooking food at home together is way cheaper and more rewarding.

26. Collect coupons. Groceries get expensive.

27. Money becomes sparse around the holidays, buying presents for both sides of the family, so make a list of what you want to get everyone and start your shopping a few months ahead.

28. Going to bed angry isn’t always the worst thing in the world. Sometimes it works better to have a clear head in the morning.

29. Continue to do things you do while you were dating. Love notes, flowers, etc. They keep the passion alive.

30. Say “I love you” every day. And mean it.

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