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She Pours Concrete Into Dollar Store Pumpkins To Make Amazing Porch Sculptures

I am already getting excited for fall; the thought of candles and cozy clothes are already starting to creep into my mind from time to time!

Undoubtedly, my favorite part of the fall is Halloween. It’s something I definitely wait for all year round!

However, it always feels like I have a hundred ideas for decor and costumes until the day creeps up on me, then I am left coming up with a quick getup on the sly.

But thanks to clever DIY-er Diana, I have a great new craft to try that is incredibly easy and can be used all throughout the season!

Concrete can be used to make countless crafts to dress up an outdoor area like birdbaths, decorative tiles, and even a bespoke concrete “fire table.”

It can also be poured into molds to create statuesque versions of whatever you choose to fill.

In Dian...

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