She Pours Concrete Into Dollar Store Pumpkins To Make Amazing Porch Sculptures


I am already getting excited for fall; the thought of candles and cozy clothes are already starting to creep into my mind from time to time!

Undoubtedly, my favorite part of the fall is Halloween. It’s something I definitely wait for all year round!

However, it always feels like I have a hundred ideas for decor and costumes until the day creeps up on me, then I am left coming up with a quick getup on the sly.

But thanks to clever DIY-er Diana, I have a great new craft to try that is incredibly easy and can be used all throughout the season!

Concrete can be used to make countless crafts to dress up an outdoor area like birdbaths, decorative tiles, and even a bespoke concrete “fire table.”

It can also be poured into molds to create statuesque versions of whatever you choose to fill.

In Diana’s case, she chose something fun, inexpensive, and festive: plastic pumpkins!

Check below to see how she turned theirtrick-or-treating staples into beautiful porch sculptures.

[H/T: Hometalk]

To begin her project,Dianapurchased the traditional plastic pumpkins that can be found in any ordinary dollar store.

While they’re typically used for collecting trick-or-treat candy, Diana decided to do something a little different with hers.

She planned to transform them into adorable concrete sculptures, perfect for the front or back porch during the chilly fall months.

Her next step was to assembleher concrete mix, usingapproximately two cups of concrete to one cup each ofpeat mossandperlite.

She added water to the mixture until it was a thick, cottage cheese consistency.

She also added dye to the concrete mix,so that the pumpkins would have a subtle orange hue rather than a concrete gray color.

Next, she covered the tiny hole within the bottom of the pumpkin, then coated the interior liberally with cooking spray.

Once that was done, she began to add the concrete mix.

When the pumpkin was filled to the top with cement, Diane added a railroad spike to create a rustic, quirkypumpkin stem.

The concrete was left to dry for several days before the mold was removed.

A utility knife was used to slash the plastic open, revealing the perfectly shaped mold inside.

The final product was a beautifully spooky sculpturethatwould get anyone in the festive Halloween spirit!

And once Halloween is over, the pumpkin sculpture can be rotated to reveal the plain pumpkin side; that way, the decoration can remain out through Thanksgiving, too!

Best of all? No need to dispose of a rotting, deflated pumpkin once the season has passed!

Are you excited for the chilly fall months? Or are you still enjoying the warm summer months?

Let us know in the comments below, and

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Mom Recreates Celebrity Parents’ Photos And It’s Totally Hilarious


A hilarious mom is poking fun at celebrity parents by recreating their Instagram photos with an added dose of reality. 

Celeste Barber is an Australian actor, writer and comedian, who has two sons under the age of 6 and two teenage stepdaughters. As such, she knows a thing or two about parenting exhaustion … and how to find humor in it. 

Barber reenacts celebrity Instagram pics, magazine photos and product ads to highlight how far they fall from her reality as a mom and “normal” person.

“I just wanted to make people laugh,” the mom told The Huffington Post. “I like to make fun of myself.”

Barber’s hilarious Instagram account has reached over a million followers and counting. She said she hopes her followers, particularly those who are parents, realize that “being normal is awesome.”

“It can be pretty hard to just get through a day sometimes,” she added. “I hope mums get a laugh out of my stuff while doing the washing, cooking dinner, helping with homework, satisfying partners and necking a cleanskin.” (For non-Aussie readers, we’ve been informed that “necking a cleanskin” refers to drinking cheap wine straight from the bottle).

Keep scrolling and visit Barber’s Instagram to see her hilarious photos.


When #waisttrainers are THE LEAST of your problems. #celestechallengeaccepted #funny #coco #MILFMONEY

A photo posted by Celestebarber (@celestebarber) on


Have kids, they say. #celestechallengeaccepted #funny #kimkardashian #northwest #parenting

A photo posted by Celestebarber (@celestebarber) on


It’s the same Demi. It’s exactly the same. #celestechallengeaccepted #funny #funnywomen #nailedit #demimoore @demimoore

A photo posted by Celestebarber (@celestebarber) on


The struggle is real. REALLY fucking real. #celestechallengeaccepted #funny #bugaboo

A photo posted by Celestebarber (@celestebarber) on


Spot the difference. #celestechallengeaccepted #longweekend #funny #kimkardashian #kimye

A photo posted by Celestebarber (@celestebarber) on

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Head-to-head: How Theresa May and Andrea Leadsom compare – BBC News

Media captionJohn Pienaar reports on the background and aspirations of the two contenders

Andrea Leadsom and Theresa May are vying to be the next Conservative leader – and the second female prime minister in British history. How do the two contenders measure up?

Theresa May – the basics

Age: 59

Position: Home Secretary, MP for Maidenhead since 1997

Education: Grammar school, degree in Geography from Oxford University

Job before politics: Financial consultant at Bank of England


Family: Only child of a Church of England vicar. Grew up in Oxfordshire. Married for 36 years, no children.

Off-duty: Guards her personal life – and has spoken of her regret at not being able to have children. Enjoys spending time in the kitchen and claims to own 100 cookbooks, but none by Delia Smith (she is not a fan). She is a fan of cricket, however.

Full Theresa May profile

Andrea Leadsom – the basics

Age: 53

Position: Energy and climate change minister, MP for South Northamptonshire since 2010

Education: Grammar School, degree in Political Science from Warwick University

Job before politics: Banking

Family: Daughter of a builder’s merchant, her mother divorced when she was four. Grew up in Kent. Married for 23 years, two sons and one daughter.

Off-duty: Charity work with organisation that helps parents bond with their babies. Committed Christian who takes part in Bible studies groups with other MPs. Watches her favourite film Four Weddings and a Funeral at least once a year. Rugby fan who supports Northampton Saints.

Full Andrea Leadsom profile

Pitch for the top job

Image copyright AP

Theresa May: “We have immediate work to do to restore political stability and economic certainty, to bring together the Party and the country, and to negotiate a sensible and orderly departure from the European Union. But more than that, we have a mission to make Britain a country that works not for the privileged and not for the few but for every one of our citizens.”

Andrea Leadsom: “I want to spread prosperity to every corner of our country. I want to help create more jobs, because we need to hear and heed those millions of our fellow citizens who feel and fear that their country’s leaders are not worrying about them enough.”

Where they stand on Brexit

Theresa May: Officially a Remainer, but she kept a low profile during the campaign and has now accepted the verdict of the people, saying “Brexit is Brexit”.

Andrea Leadsom: A star performer for the Leave campaign during the referendum, although she appears, from comments made in 2013, to have been a recent convert to the cause.


Theresa May: Experience. One of Britain’s longest-serving home secretaries with a reputation for toughness. Proudly claims not be a member of any Westminster cliques or the privileged party elite. Not afraid to take on vested interests, such as the Police Federation.

Andrea Leadsom: Backed Brexit, like many grassroots Conservative members who will choose the next PM. Relatively humble background may work in her favour among Tory members seeking a break from Etonians. A fresh face carrying little baggage from the Conservatives’ six years in government.


Theresa May: On the losing side in the EU referendum, making some question whether she is the right person to negotiate Britain’s exit. Her failure to curb immigration will also be used against her.

Andrea Leadsom: Lack of experience in government – she has never been a cabinet minister – although supporters say she has real world experience. She has also faced questions over whether her banking career was as stellar as initially claimed. Her business and tax affairs have also faced press scrutiny.

What kind of prime minister would they be?

Image copyright Getty Images

Theresa May: May was one of the modernising forces during the Conservatives’ wilderness years, famously telling Tory activists they were seen as the “nasty” party over their perceived intolerance of minorities. Backed same sex marriage. After six years as Home Secretary the view is that she would be a serious, sober presence in Number 10, not springing too many surprises and adopting a strong – critics might say authoritarian – line on law and order.

Andrea Leadsom: We still have more to learn about her style of leadership, but she is known to be more socially conservative than May – has said she supports gay marriage but “does not like” gay marriage laws – but is equally determined to reach out to neglected voters in unfashionable parts of Britain. Is passionate about her belief in the power of early years intervention to cure society’s ills. There might be a hint of Thatcher in her approach – she has been hailed as a “Thatcherite figure” by Tory grandee Lord Tebbit.

The Thatcher factor

Image copyright PA

Every Tory leader since Margaret Thatcher, who was prime minister for 11 years, has been measured against the Iron Lady by Tory activists and often found wanting. The comparison is even harder to avoid with two women vying to follow in her footsteps.

Theresa May: Has spoken of her admiration for Margaret Thatcher but claims not to have a role model in politics, preferring to forge her own path. Was described by former cabinet colleague Ken Clarke, in candid remarks recorded without his knowledge, as a “bloody difficult woman,” although nothing compared to his former boss Thatcher. Mrs May appears to have taken it as a compliment, saying she would be “bloody difficult” with EU bosses in the Brexit negotiations.

Andrea Leadsom: Has said she aspires to emulate her political heroine Margaret Thatcher by combining toughness with “personal warmth”. “As a person, she was always kind and courteous and as a leader she was steely and determined,” she told The Daily Telegraph. The same age as Thatcher when she became prime minister.

Their other halves

Theresa May: Philip May, a pension fund manager she met at university, where, according to The Guardian, they were introduced to each other by Benazir Bhutto, who would later become the prime minister of Pakistan, at a Conservative Association dance.

Andrea Leadsom: Ben Leadsom, an investment banker and former director of a company that designed software algorithms for hedge funds, who reportedly donated 10,000 to his wife’s election campaign.

What others say

“I know that Theresa has the qualities and the character to take our country forward and, with her quietly determined, down-to-earth style, to re-unite us after the referendum, behind a plan to address the deep divisions in our society that it has exposed,” Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond.

“Andrea Leadsom has that rare combination of deep compassion for those less fortunate than herself coupled with real world experience which has given her enormous ability to make clear and informed decisions when needed,” former work and pensions secretary Iain Duncan Smith.

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Ever wonder “How to get my book reviewed”?

                                      Man Reading Books/Image Source: TimesHigherEducation

So you’ve completed your book. Its been edited and published, and now you’re trying to figure out how to get to your potential readers. While beginning your marketing campaign usually happens well before your book is completed, getting your first reviews can’t begin until your book is done or in a final draft status.

Many stores won’t carry a small press or self-published book that doesn’t have reviews from a recognizable publishing. So how do you get someone to pay attention to your book among all of the hundreds, if not thousands, of books they see every month?

City Book Review, publishers of the San Francisco Book Review, Manhattan Book Review and Kids’ BookBuzz all have programs to help you. Kids BookBuzz is only for children, tweens and young adult books, but the other two will take almost any book you have (including children’s books).

So how do you get your book reviewed by the San Francisco Book Review?

If your book is within 90 days of the release date, you can submit it for general review (at no cost). The closer you are to the 90 days, the less of a chance it will have to be reviewed, but you can still begin there. The SFBR gets more than 1000 books a month, and only reviews 300 or less, so your chances of getting your book reviewed in this way is less than 33%. But you can give it a try and see if it gets reviewed.

General Submission Guidelines

If your book is more than 90 days past its release date, or you really want to get it reviewed and don’t want to just hope it’ll get picked up through the general review, you can go through the Sponsored Review program. While there is some dispute about paying for a review, SFBR is a respected outlet like Kirkus or Foreward Reviews and doesn’t offer vanity reviews for payment. You can expect the same level of professionalism from their standard reviews. And they don’t mark sponsored reviews any different than the other reviews.

Get My Book Reviewed from the San Francisco Book Review

Get My Book Reviewed from the San Francisco Book Review

There are a lot of different options for getting your book reviewed, mostly around how long it takes to get your review back, and if you want more than one or an interview as well.

  • Standard Reviews Take 8-10 weeks for turnaround from the time they receive your book Start at
  • Expedited Reviews Take 3-5 weeks for turnaround from the time they receive your book Start at
  • Get more than one review for the same book you’ll get a discount on the normal cost of 2 or 3 reviews. Reviews range in price from $150 to $299.
  • Getting a podcast interview for Audible Authors to promote yourself and your book, and you can add an interview to a review package at a discount.

And if you really like your review, you can have it posted on the other publication’s website for $99, or get a new review from a different reviewer. Both can help with your marketing and search engine optimization.

So how do you get your book reviewed by the Manhattan Book Review?

The Manhattan Book Review uses the same format for the San Francisco Book Review. Different audience, so if you’re an East Coast author, you might be more interested in having the credit from MBR over SFBR. Personal taste is the only difference between the two for reviews. If you are a local SF or Manhattan author, they will also flag that in your review.

General Review Submission Guidelines for the Manhattan Book Review

Sponsored Review Submission Guidelines for the Manhattan Book Review

So how do you get your book reviewed by Kids’ BookBuzz?

First thing, all of the reviews for Kids’ BookBuzz are done by children. They are select age appropriate books, but the children read them and write the reviews themselves. The younger children have some help from their parents, but the words are all theirs. Don’t expect any easy reviews either. These kids see a lot of stories, so they know good books when they read them.

General Submission Guidelines for Kids’ BookBuzz

Sponsored Review Submission Guidelines for Kids’ BookBuzz

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Getting odd in the kitchen with the ‘Bob’s Burgers’ cookbook

When I first started Bobs Burgersthe animated Fox comedy about a weird and loving family who owned a struggling burger restaurant at the Jersey shorea couple of years ago, I had a couple of thoughts. One, it was consistently funnier than I ever expected it to be. Two, I wanted one of those crazy Burgers of the Day.

Rarely shown but always named (except for that one episode where they temporarily disappeared), the Burger of the Day is one of the shows running gags. The nameswhich are almost always food punsappear on the chalkboard hanging near the cash register in every episode just like the revolving owners of the building next to Bobs Burgers and the rat vans in the opening sequence. The burger names are punchy, cheesy, the puns have the right amount of dad-level humor, and they can get especially silly if Louise Belcher gets her hands on the chalkboard. The puns themselves are created by the shows writers, and according to Bobs Burgers creator Loren Bouchard, its one of the main things theyre required to come up with when writing an episode. Theyre just as much a background joke as they are insights into Bob Belcher himself.

And thats only scraping the surface when it comes to the delightfulness of Bobs Burgers itself. It just wrapped up its sixth season on Sunday with at least two more on the way (with no signs of stopping), but it still has the feel of an underground show in part because its rise in popularity came from word of mouth. The versatility of Bobs Burgers makes it perfect fanart and mashup fodder. It has sold out concert halls on its live tour, which includes a table read, a Q&A, and standup from the main cast. Tina Belcher is the awkward, feminist hero weve been craving. And it even inspired Cole Bowden to start the Bobs Burgers Experiment, a Tumblr blog where he documented and strived to create every Burger of the Day shown in Bobs Burgers, which now number in the hundreds.

All Bowden had to go on were the names as he started to tackle the Burgers of the Day, and soon enough, Bouchard noticed. He mentioned Bowdens blog in a 2014 interview with Vulture, saying, That is my dream come true as it pertains to these burgersor, I should say, my dream come true would actually to put out a Bobs Burgers cookbook based on the Burgers of the Day.

An official Bobs Burgers cookbook was announced in January 2015, which was a collaboration between Bouchard, the other Bobs Burgers writers, and Bowden, and it received additional confirmation in August. Soon enough, the burgers they named and created strictly as puns would really come to lifeand wed all be Teddy, one of the Belchers few regular customers.

For those of us who worked on the show and followed him, Coles culinary ambition was thrilling, and his chutzpah was and is inspiring to say the least, but when you read his recipes it becomes clear that primarily what he brings to the table is imagination, Bouchard wrote in the Introduction of The Bobs Burgers Burger Book: Real Recipes for Joke Burgers.

And now Bobs Burgers are a reality. The Bobs Burgers Burger Book is as bright, colorful, and humorous as Bobs Burgers itself, and the book captures the tone of the show wonderfully. Many of the burger names rely on cheese puns, and sprinkled throughout are witty comments such as discouraging the use of no-purpose flour, informing us that stretchy mozz rhymes with sketchy thoughts, and advising us not to touch our belly buttons after handling habanero peppers because well, you never know.

For burger and French fry novices, the cookbook offers a basic guide to making your own burgers and friesit even bolds the most important steps in the paragraphs for those who skim over itand many of the recipes are geared toward beginners. Essentially, if you can grill a burger and put it together youre pretty set, although some of the recipes can be somewhat sparse in their specificity. Most of the ingredients are available in your local grocery store, and if its more of a delicacy, like the black garlic in the Bet It All On Black Garlic Burger, itll inform you where you can buy it.

On the other hand, it doesnt seem as though the recipes are in any sort of order such as organizing by episode appearance or the type of cheese used, so if you find a recipe and want to come back to it, itll take some flipping through unless youve already marked down the page. If non-beef or vegetarian recipes are more your speed, theyre at least grouped together toward the back of the book.

The Bobs Burgers Burger Book was released in March, and fans have gradually discovered it, like the show itself. But now were putting it to use for one of the biggest days of the year for burgers and the people who cook themMemorial Day.

Bobs Burgers are supposed to be excellent despite his business constantly being on the brink of failure; on the other side of the coin, Bobs neighbor and rival Jimmy Pesto runs a successful yet tacky Italian restaurant, but his food is terrible. How do they fare in the real world?

I recruited my Daily Dot colleagues to take on several of the recipes. They may be joke burgers, but the deliciousness is more than real.

Cheeses Is Born Burger

Season 5, Episode 6: Father of the Bob

Ramon Ramirez

This burger is an efficient monster you can make in about 35 minutes. Its a savory lover, loaded in gooey textures that parachute down your windpipe: Jarlsberg and Swiss slices, molasses-brown gravy, sauteed mushrooms, diced Roma tomatoes, brown mustard. Only crispy lettuce and a thick bun balance out the protein-shake gob of hot lovin. The burger is a revelation thats difficult to botch in the kitchen. (Used a pan, as both of my backyard grills harbor spiders.) The caveat, of course, is that it features hot-button flavors difficult to unanimously please even a cookout of four. Its also heavy enough that it only pairs well with water and absolutely no fries, dear God are you mad? But if the profile is your shade, ingredients will run you about $27 (even if you spring for the $10, grass-fed patties) and youll eat with the fury of a spelling bee champ all weekend. Ramon Ramirez

Bob’s Burgers/Netflix

Parma Parma Parma Chameleon Burger

Season 4, Episode 20: Gene It On


Parma Parma Parma Chameleon

A photo posted by @theyeasticando on

Accented by garden-fresh zucchini and squash chips, this Italian-inspired choice spotlights freshly picked basil and a unique tomato sauce with a guest appearance by blueberry jam (which seemed like itd be easier to find than the called-for juice). We opted to double the helping of parmesanmelting some straight on the patty in addition to topping the saucebut otherwise found this recipe delightfully bright and flavorful. Wed recommend serving the panko-crusted zucchini and squash chips with some of the leftover blueberry marinara for dipping. Monica Riese

Bob’s Burgers/Netflix

Poutine On The Ritz Burger

Season 2, Episode 9: Beefsquatch

Poutine on the Ritz (Comes With Poutine Fries)

A photo posted by Michelle Jaworski (@michejaw) on

Poutine may make you think about Canada, but its just as much of a heartstopper as anything we have down here. Plus this recipe, which includes French fries, allowed me to test out the process of making your own fries, and a giant sharing fry bowl is a great addition to any party; just look at all of the fry-stealing that occurs during pretty much any happy hour.

I bribed one of my friends with food to help me cook, which is a good thing because even with her help it still took a few hours to make everything, so if youre making this for a party, start early or make them the night before. We used Russet potatoes and fried them in vegetable oil instead of the suggested peanut oil before mixing them with salt, black pepper, cayenne pepper (all measured to taste) and topping it with gravy and cheese curds. Creating the gravy from scratch was a simple endeavor, although I found the recommended amount of black pepper overwhelming; I added in more flour to counter. The fries came out crispy and well-seasoned, but you could just as easily use frozen fries or commandeer a bunch from your favorite restaurant and achieve a similar feat in a fraction of the time.

Once cooked in a regular stove pan and my burger assembled, the Poutine On The Ritz Burger is an expertly crafted mix of salty and sour with Ritz Crackers sprinkled on top, and it works much better than it has any right to (although I wish the cheese curds had melted a bit more). Be prepared to keep leftovers, because this is a lot more filling than it looks. Michelle Jaworski

Bob’s Burgers/Netflix

Shake Your Honeymaker Burger

Season 2, Episode 3: Synchronized Swimming

Rae Votta

I had about half the necessary ingredients on hand to make the Shake Your Honeymaker burger, so while it’s not something I’d approach on a whim, it is something I can realistically consider without feeling like I need to purchase obscure ingredients I’ll only use once. I decided to opt for the old-timey version of using a mortar and pestle to blend the dates, garlic, and sherry vinegar into a paste, which provided a more chunky and rustic condiment than a food processor.

My largest flaw was impatience. This burger requires you to caramelize your onions, which the recipe suggests takes a good 20 minutes but I, hungry and bored, fell short of by at least 10 minutes before I decided my onions were good enough to eat. My Honeymaker burger was an easy prep on a pan stovetop, and I used the same onion pan for my meat to make sure it infused with flavor. Construction was sloppy, as the feta cheese I had didn’t want to stay balanced on the bun, and once I took a bite everything came spilling out.

Taste-wise, it was too sharply sweet for me to enjoy, the honey meeting the sherry dates in a way that left an unpleasant aftertaste. It’s not a bad way to shake up the burger routine, but if you’re planning to feed a hungry horde, I wouldn’t recommend such a complex and nontraditional take. You’ll be stressing about presentation and the flavor blend more than you’ll be enjoying a well-done burger. Rae Votta

Bob’s Burgers/Netflix

Dont Get Crme FracheWith Me Burger

Season 2, Episode 9: Beefsquatch


Adam Weightman

The choice to make the Dont Get Crme Frache With Me burger was first one of pun, and second one of season. Itd make a great summer burger! I declared. Too bad summer burger is not really a thing.

Nevertheless, the idea of blueberries, basil, and crme frache was appealing. I subbed in a pretzel bun for Vienna roll out of necessity, and added some horseradish to the crme frache-basil mixture to give it a little heat. My line cook (aka helpful boyfriend) seared the burger in a pan, as per the recipe, but my meat-bread crumb-squished blueberry pattie was having a hard time keeping it together. The Dont Get Crme Frache With Me Burger would probably have cooked better on a grill, but it didnt look terrible when the crme frache and spring mix were added. Perhaps the pretzel roll was a misstep, because the burger was a little sweet; it needed something else (the boyfriend suggested onions sauteed in honey) to make it taste less like a breakfast sandwich. Maybe a sharp cheese? (I added Sriracha after a couple bites and it did the trick.)

If youre not a person who is disgusted by fruit in burgers, this would be a fun experiment this summer as a slider or appetizer. You know, a summer burger. Audra Schroeder

Bob’s Burgers/Netflix

Eggers Cant Be Cheesers Burger

Season 3, Episode 11: Nude Beach


Eggers Can’t Be Cheesers

A photo posted by Michelle Jaworski (@michejaw) on

I went into making the Eggers Cant Be Cheesers Burger thinking, This would be a great hangover burger not just because of the eggwhich is becoming a more common burger topping. And while I only had a slight headache when preparing it, that was spot-on.

I cooked new burgers for this in a stove pan, although you can probably just take leftover burgers from another one of the books recipes instead. (I cant speak for the burgers filled with other ingredients/cheeses, but I imagine theyll work just as well.) From there, just cook your egg, which I made sunny side upover easy would be another good optionand stacking everything in the right order. As soon as I placed my English muffin on top, the egg yolk began to run down. Ive had a similar burger on many occasions, but the addition of an English muffin and hot sauce to a new classic brought it all eggcellently together.

A new contender for the Breakfast of Champions? I think so. M.J.

Bob’s Burgers/Netflix

A Good Manchego Is Hard to Find Burger

Season 5, Episode 10: Late Afternoon in the Garden of Bob and Louise


A Good Manchego Is Hard to Find

A photo posted by @theyeasticando on

The sharp nuttiness of the aged manchego and zesty bite of fresh arugula play perfectly off the real star of this show: black fig jam, generously spread on the top bun. It wouldve played just as well without the shallots (which I slightly burnt after a last-minute prep snafu), but their caramelization easily ties the whole bite together. We paired this burger with the books basic fry recipe (subbing white potatoes for the recommended russet, and with corn oil over peanut), which turned out perfectly salted, if a tad soggy after a few minutes at room temperature. M.R.

Bob’s Burgers/Netflix

Disclosure: Universe Publishing provided the Daily Dot with a copy of The Bobs Burgers Burger Book for review.

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15+ Reading Nooks Perfect For When You Need To Escape This World

Image 1

Although some people claim that they can read anywhere, anytime, we all know that a comfortable, well lit, soft spot is ideal. On a blanket in a park is one such perfect spot; on dry, spongy moss, under a tree, is another good location. But what happens if you’re a city dweller (or not even!), and outdoor reading spots are at a premium?

Bored Panda has collected this list of reading nooks for you, those indoor bookworms that maybe like to read outside, but who also need a comfortable place inside to get the pages turning. Which reading nook looks most comfortable to you? Vote, or submit a picture of your own reading nook below! (h/t)

#1 Cozy Reading Nook


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