Fee-For-Review vrs Vanity Review Overview

fee for review

Probably one of the most controversial topics still in the book publishing industry is the idea of an author (or publicist) paying for a review of their book. It’s an offshoot of the self-publishing versus publishing industry argument that comes from the old vanity presses of the past.

A vanity press, for the younger readers, was a publishing company that would charge an author for the entire print run of a book. The publisher might make attempts to sell the book, but their profit had already been taken in the print run of the book (and sometimes ongoing storage fees of the unsold books). The publisher often kept rights to the book, provided little to no support (cover design, marketing, etc.), or charged excessive fees for those services...

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Planet Q by Peter Quinones

About the Book

In this somewhat strange, completely original volume Peter Quinones invites the reader to try out hundreds of “story openers” with the following question in mind – If you started reading a story, and this was the first sentence, would you want to continue reading?


“Like a piece of artwork that combines the creativity of different artists, Planet Q leaves it to readers to complete the stories in the book with their imagination. The hundreds of hilarious, intriguing, and unexpectedly profound story openers are brilliantly structured to inspire curiosity and spark the reader’s creativity. Peter Quinones’ initiates an amazing cognitive trip with social themes such as dating, loneliness, Covid-19, parenting, and more...

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The Last Lumenian by S.G. Blaise

Story Summary: She is a rebel. Lilla is fighting for the refugees’s freedom from oppression. The king, her father, lost touch with reality ever since Lilla’s mother died. Now everyone else is paying the price. The arrival of Callum, a powerful Teryn general, complicates Lilla’s life. His presence leads to conflicted feelings and friction with Arrov, a handsome pilot and fellow rebel. Her life is not what she imagined it to be. Not by far. Meddling gods, love interests and sudden magical abilities have no room in Lilla’s world, but that has become her new reality. No matter how hard she pushes them away, it’s too late. They all seek to control her anyway...Read More

‘Legendary’ chef Michel Roux dies aged 78

(CNN)Chef Michel Roux, who opened Britain’s first three Michelin-star restaurant, has died at the age of 78.

He died on Wednesday night at his home in Berkshire, southeast England, his family confirmed.
“It is with deep sadness that the Roux family announces the passing of our beloved grandfather, father, brother and uncle, Michel Roux OBE. The family would like to thank everyone for their support during his illness,” his children Alain, Francine and Christine said in a statement.
    “We are grateful to have shared our lives with this extraordinary man and we’re so proud of all he’s achieved.
    “A humble genius, legendary chef, popular author and charismatic teacher, Michel leaves the world reeling in his wake...
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    33 YouTubers To Keep You Entertained While Youre Stuck At Home

    If you’re bored to tears, watch one of these YouTubers recommended by Ask Reddit.

    1. Bon appétit. BA has been a major inspiration for me to get into cooking. They strike an excellent balance between interesting, informational, instructive, and entertaining that a lot of food channels struggle with.

    2. If you are missing sports, Jelle’s marble runs is very well done. They have all sorts of marble “competitions” Choose a marble/team to root for and it can be fun!

    3. Last Week Tonight covers comedic deep dives on really small things in the news. If you want to see Zazu dunk on a coal tycoon and then get sued, and then dunk on the guy for doing that, ...

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    After Panic Buyers Left, These 39 Things Were Untouched At Supermarkets

    Toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and long-lasting goods. These are the things that we know coronavirus panic buyers want. They buy them in packs. They buy them in pallets. And supermarket shelves end up empty.

    But not completely empty! Some poor items get left behind. Things that even panic-driven preppers don’t want. What are these things? We’re so glad you asked. Bored Panda compiled a list of the things that get left behind on supermarket shelves, from Hawaiian pizza (pineapples and ham, anyone?) to chocolate hummus. So scroll down and leave a comment below about what unwanted goods you’ve seen left behind in shops.

    From what we’ve seen so far, strange brands and peculiar foods like weird-flavored potato chips (not to mention Corona beer) seem to get left behind...

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    Have to cook from home for the first time? Here’s what you need to know (plus your first recipe!)

    (CNN)With the intensity of the coronavirus situation increasing each day, getting food in the hands of so many who can’t leave home presents a critical health challenge.

    My niece is one of them.
    “When you eat out, you don’t need to put much thought into what ends up on your plate. We’re struggling to figure out how to come up with well-balanced meals,” said Allison Strumeyer, a 24-year-old single girl who resides in New York City and has chosen to isolate herself from her parents who often cook at home.
      “We’ve been forced to learn things out of necessity, like that you can freeze fish and meat for months at a time, or the difference between broiling and baking,” said Ben Rosenbaum, another New York City millennial...
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      A new use for McDonald’s used cooking oil: 3D printing

      New York (CNN Business)Professor Andre Simpson had a problem. The University of Toronto’s Scarborough campus was paying through the nose for a crucial material for its 3D printer. Few would have guessed McDonald’s would come to the rescue.

      “We use the NMR spectrometers to look inside tiny living organisms and understand their biochemical response to their changing environment,” said Simpson. The overarching aim is to “help bridge the gap between medical research and the environment.”
      Simpson had bought a 3D printer for the lab in 2017. He hoped to use it to build custom parts that kept organisms alive inside of the NMR spectrometer for his research.
        But the commercial resin he needed for high-quality light projection 3D printing (where light is used to form a solid) of th...
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        Learning to Quit by Suzanne Harris and Paul Brunetta

        Book Summary:

        Set yourself free from smoking. Strategy trumps willpower!

        Personal stories paired with moving photographic portraits. Empathetic, non-judgmental advice to stop smoking for good.

        Have you tried to quit smoking, only to find yourself reaching for a cigarette again and again? Tired of feeling bad about your health and making promises to the ones that love you? Set a “learning” mindset and reframe these past quit attempts as trial runs. It’s not your fault that you are a smoker. Nicotine is incredibly addictive, but you can beat it! Your amazing life as a non-smoker lies just around the corner.

        This book provides the friendly, positive support you need on your quit smoking journey...

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        For This Womens Day We Transformed 8 Iconic Brand Logos Into Female Versions

        Many household brands that we’ve come to know and love over the years have cemented their place in our home. Mostly thanks to the addition of a quirky mascot. A defining, relatable character that champions the brand, a familiar face on the shopping aisles of the supermarket – all designed to catch and hold your attention.

        Generally, you might not give a brand mascot much thought, but when you look past all the bright colors and charisma, there’s one thing that seems to be quite apparent about the bigger picture – where are all the women at?!

        Many mascots have been around for decades, and as the advertising industry was predominantly male-led, branding had a more masculine bias...

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        ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Recap: Jax Don’t Preach | Betches

        When your Monday night feels like Sunday, you know you’re in for a f*cked up week, Vanderpump fam. Last week, we saw the triumphant return of James Kennedy, and by triumphant, I mean he’s barely holding it together. He’s like, one sip of tequila and wrong look from Katie away from a full-on meltdown. Also last week, Scheana apologized to Dayna for treating SUR like it’s an incoming sorority pledge class, and that’s more or less all the important stuff that happened.

        So this week, Lisa and Ken are in the car and Lisa brings up the whole issue with Jax and Brittany’s pastor. Damn, I forgot that had happened and I wondered when they were going to shoehorn this into the season...

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